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Kashima Yuu and Hori Masayuki Moments | Episode 8

I have been going to school for nearly 13 years of my life and I still am unable to finish an assignment at least a day ahead of the due date!!!!

What is it with me and last minute deadlines??? It’s only 200 fucking words too!  Fucking easy yet so hard at the same time… =(


no wonder they’re called oral presentations they suck dick

Sakura: Hori-senpai, when you first met Kashima-kun, did you think she was a guy, even for a second?
Hori-senpai: Man, was I ever surprised!
Sakura: Wait! What kind of timing is that to realize it?!


They called it the Nintendo 3DS because they made me buy it 3 times.


everything good makes you fat an addict or broke



we’re not friends until i’ve sent you lots of texts full of corn emojis